Daily Underwriters of America
AM Best Rated:  A (Excellent)

Who better to handle your trucking insurance coverage than an insurance company that evolved from a 500-fleet trucking company?

Daily Underwriters of America (DUOA) was formed in 1978 to insure exclusively trucks under lease to Daily Express, Inc., an affiliated company.  The program was so well-received that truckers not under lease to Daily Express began to seek insurance protection through DUOA. From then on, DUOA selectively began to insure independent truckers that meet their stringent underwriting guidelines.

Our approach is unlike many other insurance companies offering protection to the trucking sector.  DUOA looks at insurance coverage as a partnership. We unite with independent insurance agents to service our clients, and we partner with you, the insured, knowing that our common goal is to keep both you and your operations moving productively into the future.

We take pride in our partnerships with independent agents because of their specialized expertise in and understanding of the insurance needs of a trucking operation. Other companies make their product available to any agent or through brokerage firms, but DUOA knows that these types of service organizations leave you, the customer, treated like a number… and not like the partner that you are.

If you want your trucking operation to continue to be viable, you must control your loss experience in order to maintain your future insurability.  And, should you be involved in a loss, you need to have an experienced, reputable partner to defend your interest and to help keep your trucks on the road.  DUOA is that partner.

When we work together, the outcome is positive for everyone, which is why our customers stay with us year after year.

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